Sunday, 4 September 2011

Gerhard Schroeder - "We Will Have To Give Up National Sovereignty"

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder on Sunday called for the creation of a "United States of Europe," saying the bloc needed a common government to avoid future economic crises.

"The current crisis makes it relentlessly clear that we cannot have a common currency zone without a common fiscal, economic and social policy," Schroeder said.
He added: "We will have to give up national sovereignty."

"From the European Commission, we should make a government which would be supervised by the European Parliament. And that means the United States of Europe."

"Great Britain causes the greatest problems. (It is) not in the euro but the British nevertheless always want to participate when it comes to designing a European economic area," he said. "That doesn't work."

To read another democracy-hating comment from a serving German politician - Schäuble



  1. Does Mr Schroeder ever wonder why we're not in the Euro considering the mess it and the EU are in?

    The solution is not a USofE, but the complete and final abolition of the Euro and the EU such that sovereign states are returned their powers. The EU and Euro are a failed experiment.

    I cannot get over the sheer arrogance and empire building desires of the EU cabal, including Schroeder. To think they can solve the problems they have created by going even further into the mess!

    When a huge, expensive, autocratic organisation such as the EU creates such stupid dictats as banning 60W bulbs, and can't even get its own accounts in order for year after year after year, why should anyone even consider the thought of an USE with any seriousness.

    Also, to whom will they be accountable? Any electoral system will be rife with complexity and no doubt corruption, that it could never be trusted. They will also continue to vote themselves more and more power "in the name of the people" until they consider "for the sake of the people" that they don't need any more elections.

    Always remember: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely".

  2. Because the order out of the chaos will be a german empire.

  3. "Great Britain causes the greatest problems...."

    Then in God's name, Throw us OUT!!!!
    Dave from Hants.

  4. Was seit den ihr alle hier für Vollidioten?
    "German Watch"
    Ha ha ha
    Gute Nacht Inselaffen!
    Finance Game is over, only true values are having power!

  5. Good Night Monkey Island? Only true values are having power?

    You need to see a specialist, and see if you can have the Neo-Nazi removed, my dear.