Wednesday 8 January 2014

Green Energy Scam - German Attempts To De-Industrialise The Enemy

Despite wind energy investment and high green (Co2) taxes, German coal produces highest amount in 20 years!

So whilst Britain and others abide by German-EU rules and ruin their own generating capacity, producing crippling energy bills for the consumer and blight the countryside with useless windfarms, Germany ignores the rules.

Very similar to the 1920s/1930s;

Henry Morgenthou, 1944...

In 1926 an international steel cartel was organized. At the time, Germany produced only 2½ per cent more pig iron than France.


The cartel agreement fixed the quota of each member, and each was to pay into a common pool one dollar for every ton it produced. But for every ton produced over the quota, the producer had to pay by way of a fine an extra four dollars a ton.


The French very thriftily kept within their quota and even cut production a bit now and then to save the dollar a ton. The Germans, on the other hand, seemed to have gone on a spree. They regularly exceeded their quota and cheerfully paid the fine. In one year it amounted to about $10 million for 2,500,000 tons excess production.


But it turned out that the Germans knew what they were doing. After a few years they argued plausibly that their increased capacity was so great that it entitled them to a bigger quota. Their increased capacity — second only to that of the United States by then —gave them the power to beat their European rivals over the head to get what they wanted. Their pig iron quota was raised, and by 1938 German steel production was 23,200,000 tons while France dropped to 6,200,000.


Without the cartel deal, the two countries would normally have developed along about the proportions of 1926.

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