Tuesday, 13 September 2011

German Weapons In Libya

A Rebel with a H&K G36 taken from Gaddafi's Armouries. 

Tons and tons of high-powered German assault rifles have been rescued by Libyan rebels from Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenals, weapons that “weren’t supposed to be there” (funny how German weapons always turn up where they are not supposed to be).

“The German government does not know how weapons of this type could have possibly ended up in Libya.” So they are not really there, in other words. The German government has the German weapons industry (shhh, not so loud) completely under control, you see. Right? Ja oder nein? Good. No abstentions here.

From http://observinghermann.wordpress.com/


For anybody wondering, Germany stayed out of Libya because Gadaffi is their 'friend'.

GSG9 had trained Gaddafi's intelligence apparatus in house-to-house searches and interrogation as late as 2008. Tactics which were then used on the Libyan civilian population.

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