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Post-War Terrorism & Nazi Money

Post-war terrorism has German/Nazi fingerprints all over it.
One of the main links is the Francois Genoud/Ben Bella network.

One of the more relevant examples is that of former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella, a notorious early follower of Hitler, who was reborn as an Islamic Fundamentalist and was engaged in a coup attempt in Algeria that immediately threatened the King of Morocco.
Among Ben Bella's most prominent backers since the 1962 Algerian Revolution that first placed him in power was Francois Genoud, a member of the Swiss Nazi Party during World War II, who assisted Allen Dulles from 1943-45 in negotiations to redeploy Nazi intelligence assets into safe havens for later use.

Among those assets was Amt VI, the "foreign nationalities division" of SS General Walter Schellenberg's Sicherheitsdienst (SD), consolidating both the Second Division of Admiral Canaris's Abwehr and foreign nationalities division of the Waffen SS that maintained extensive Mideast networks through an alliance with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.
The Swiss-based Francois Genoud was the banker and one of the principal controllers of these Amt VI assets post-war.

At the age of 21, Genoud joined the National Front of Switzerland (NFS). NFS was a fascist group associated with Georges Oltramaire's National Union. Oltramaire' s family comes from a leading Swiss banking family who have sat for generations on the board of directors of the Lombard Odier Bank of Geneva. This bank became famous for its involvement with the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, dating from Allen Dulles's assignment in Berne, Switzerland.

Its facilities were used by Dulles to facilitate the surrender of SS Gen. Karl Wolff, head of the German army in northern Italy. Genoud was used as a personal intermediary between Dulles and SS General Wolff.
In 1940, Genoud set up a night club, Oasis, in Lausanne as a covert operation for the Abwehr in Lausanne. Prior to his operation in Lausanne , Genoud traveled extensively in the Mideast and met with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in 1936. His Abwehr cover enabled him to set up a spy nest throughout the Mideast.
His recruiting officer was an operative named Guimanll, the Mayor of Tiengen. Under these conditions, Genoud became one of the key go-betweens for spy-running operations and drug-smuggling activity in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in Tangiers.
By 1943, Genoud began using his banking connections to set in motion the networks which later became known as DieSpinne/OdeSSa.
The transfer of millions of marks from German, into Swiss banks, and the evacuation of key SS and Nazi leaders into Morocco, Spain, and Latin America were the principal aspects of this operation.
For this purpose a firm known as Deithelm Brothers was established in Lausanne under the personal sponsorship of Adolf Hitler' s personal secretary Martin Bormann, and functioned until the end of the 1940s, transporting out of Europe thousands of Nazi leaders.

Genoud befriended SS General Wolff, SS Captain Reichenberg,
Luftwaffe Gen. Hans Rudel, General Ramcke, and countless others, including Otto Skorzeny and Hitler's economics minister, Hjalmar Schacht . It appears that Genoud was arrested some time after the war, but freed due to the pressures of former Gestapo official and later Interpol chief Paul Dickopf.

In 1955, Genoud was in Tangiers with General Wolff and General Ramcke. In 1956, he met with Hjalmar Schacht in Cairo, along with Dr. Hans Reichenberg, where several financial investments into Morocco were created. During this time he met with Ben Barka and an operative named Skalli, both members of the opposition party in Morocco. While in Cairo, Genoud was introduced to the Algerian Front for National Liberation (FLN in French), led by Ahmed Ben Bella and his treasurer Mohammed Khidder. Genoud officially became a courier between Tangiers and Cairo, setting up the financial support operations for the FLN.

Over the course of these years many new Nazi International
operations were arranged through and into Argentina, a process Genoud aided. In Argentina, Hans Rudel, now deceased, was given the financing to create the Europe-Argentina Association. It was through this apparatus that SS Obersturmfuhrer Klaus Barbie's Cocaine operations in Latin America were arranged.

After the war, Genoud and the Diethelm brothers, operating through the Diethelm export-import company, financed a Nazi publication called Der Weg in 1948-49. Run by SS officers and based in Buenos Aires, this publication was one of the first post-war attempts to regroup the Nazi apparatus internationally.

In 1959, Genoud created the International Association of the Friends of the Arab World, along with Benoist-Mechin.
In September 1960, Genoud established relations with EIWakhil
el Kabbani, the head of the Arab Information Center in Geneva. His other business ventures included the creation of a Munich-based export-import firm, Arabo-Afrika, in conjunction with the old Nazi Reichenberg, who later became an economic adviser to President Houari Boumedienne of Algeria.

Genoud' s other contacts included the Egyptian ambassador to Berne, reputed to have been head of the Egyptian intelligence service, Fathy el Dib Mohammed.
The International Association of the Friends of the Arab World's officer in Geneva was Ibrahim Haeid, a Tunisian formeriy of the German Abwehr Intelligence service.
With his old-Nazi funds, new revenue from arms and drug-running, and the FLN treasury provided by Mohammed Khidder, Genoud established the Banque Commerciale Arabe in Lausanne.

At this point Lausanne became the center of FLN financing of numerous arms deals, usually made in Germany by former Nazis who had been recycled as arms merchants. Otto Skorzeny, based in Madrid, was part of the arms-smuggling operations.

Genoud also set up contacts between the old Nazi networks and the Palestinians. In April 1969, in Barcelona, at the "Europaiische Neue Ordnung," a special delegation of AlFatah spoke on the issue of the "Palestinian Revolution."
Genoud arranged for the training of AI-Fatah troops by former Nazis such as Karl van de Put of Belgium, formerly of the Afrika Corps, and Johann N. Schuller.

In September 1969, Genoud was involved as lawyer for two Palestinian terrorists who were members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). At this point, he was integrated into the "Arab Union of Lawyers," led by his old Moroccan friend Youssei. Another important link to Palestinian terrorism was Francois Duprat, the French fascist leader assassinated in 1979, who ran the Franco-Palestinian Association and helped set up the Breton liberation movement.

In the 1970s, Genoud expanded his banking operations and financing of the Nazi International. In 1971, his arms smuggling
operations into Lebanon expanded as well.

Through his front-man Guy Amaudruz, Genoud ran huge shipments of arms into the Mideast via Lebanon. At this time, Genoud, through Mohammed Khidder' s lawyer Louis Bosquet, arranged via Sylvain Dayan, a.k.a. Saadi Behhamou, and Antoine Kamouh from Intrabank-Beidas, a major arms-drugs deal.
In 1977, Genoud negotiated the release of terrorist Bruno Breguet from an Israeli prison.

Key to the entire Swiss banking operation in conjunction with Genoud is Dr. Alfred Schaeffer, the former chairman of the Union Bank of Switzerland and close confidante of Hjalmar Schacht.
Schaeffer had been in the center of pre- and postwar financial arrangements with Nazi-related financial matters, including the I.G. Farben financial holding company Interhandel A.G, a 'dummy' corporation of which Schaeffer was chairman.
This Interhandel A.G. was set up in 1938 by I.G. Farben, with Schaeffer pursuing a 20-year litigation against the U.S. government on behalf of Farben to unfreeze assets seized
in 1942.
Schaeffer's relationship with Schacht provides the key overlapping lead into the development with Genoud of the whole Muslim Brotherhood financing operation identified earlier.

In the 1950s, Schaeffer set up oil exploration operations in Egypt which were arranged by Schacht and other former Abwehr agents, through the Industrie und Handelsbank.

One of these agents living in Berne, Switzerland, Ahmed Huber, set up many of these operations.
Huber arranged for Genoud to meet with then-Egyptian President Gamel Nasser.
Along with Hans Ellenberger, Huber set up the Swiss-Arab Society in 1965. The former Swiss ambassador to Cairo, a certain Herr Parodi, operated closely with Huber and Ellenberger.
Genoud' s terrorist operations intersected various structures set up through the Nazi war funds financing scheme, utilizing the Abwehr Minorities Division, and Walter Schellenberg's SS-SD unit Amt VI.
As a keeper of the Nazi funds, Genoud was instrumental in arranging many terrorist operations. The recruitment by the Genoud-Abwehr apparatus of Ahmed Ben Bella demonstrates the method by which the old Nazi-Abwehr apparatus set up the Middle East fundamentalist operations.
Ben Bella's relative, who operated a radio transmitter in North Africa for the Abwehr, recruited Ahmed into the Mufti-Abwehr  network.
Genoud even owned publishing rights to Hitler's last political testament, which was arranged through the help of Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels's widow, a close friend of Genoud.

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