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The Continuation Of War By Other Means

General Otto von Stuelpnagel who ruled France for Hitler from 1940 to 1944:

"What does a provisional defeat matter to us if because of the destruction of manpower and material which we will have been able to inflict on our enemies and neighbouring territories, we have obtained a margin of economic and demographic superiority greater than before 1939? The conquest of the world will require numerous stages, but the essential is that the end of each stage brings us an economic and industrial essential greater than that of our enemies."

"With the war booty which we have accumulated, the enfeebling of two generations of the manpower, the destruction of the industries of our neighbours and that which we can save of our own, we shall be better placed to conquer in twenty-five or even fifty years than we were in 1939. The interval of twenty-five years is a limited interval, for that is the time which will be required for Russia to repair the destruction we have visited on her."

The memorandum mentioned some of the elaborate devices by which the rulers of Germany would seek to evade a Just peace;
“We do not have to fear peace conditions analogous to those which we would have imposed because our adversaries will always be divided and disunited. Our enemies recognize already that the 1919 formula, 'Germany will pay,' lacked sense and worth. We will furnish them some brigades of workers, we will restore some art objects or out-of-date machines, and we can always say that those which we do not restore were destroyed by enemy bombardments.
We should immediately prepare as camouflage a list of such objects destroyed by Anglo-American bombs."

The basic aim of the German plan, in 1945 as in 1918, was to secure a final peace settlement, no matter how severe it may appear on the surface, or how hard on the German people, which would leave German economic power intact.

In 1915 a man called William Bainbridge wrote a detailed report about Germany’s Political class for the US government. It is Document 26, First Session of the 68th Congress of the United States. The document was written from transcripts of a conversation with a superior German Officer in Berlin about their plans for a post-war campaign.
During the conversation, the German officer revealed;

“The immediate competitors in the economic and commercial world will be so crippled that, when it is all over, the Germans will be outselling them in the markets of the world long before they can get on their feet. Following the war, there will be economic hell. We will set class against class, individual against individual, until the nations will have pretty much all they can cope with at home, and not bother with us.” Reference this with the great depression, and Germany's apparent manipulation of markets - Germanys Long Game?

The reason this German Officer could be so confident about this, is that he knew the German political class and heads of industry, had always accepted that to achieve their aims of a German empire could take 100 years. They knew it would take both military and covert peace operations using terrorism and financial chaos to achieve their Pan-German dream. As early as 1922, Germany was already re-arming, and had moved its aircraft production to other European states using ‘front’ companies. It also had vast sums of wealth hidden in neutral countries, including (according to the Neue Zeucher Zeitung, June 1919) ‘emigrated capital’ in Switzerland of 35 billion Marks! The manipulation of financial markets in the 1920s was just one of many German post-war campaigns using non-official German funds.

In 1945, the British Ministry of Economic Warfare estimated that Germany had looted nearly $27,000,000,000 from conquered nations. Much of this money was distributed to the hundreds of ‘front’ companies around the world, for their post-war campaign.
In post-war Argentina, German agents had control of banks, railroads, aviation, chemicals and steel works. Fritz Mandl virtually controlled the Argentine munitions industry on behalf of I.G Farben. German players had key positions in the Peron government and military.

The plan by the Pan-German crowd to heavily influence the Americas, was drawn up long before Hitler came into power, directly aimed at turning the South American sphere against the US and UK.

This illuminates the real under-currents of the Falklands. Argentine military, intelligence, and Government, contained many SS and Gestapo men acting as 'advisers'. The Argentine military was full of them, advising on tactics, weapons, and propaganda.

It must have been quite an exciting day when the old Nazis witnessed the sinking of HMS Sheffield and HMS Ardent during the Falklands conflict.

Throughout WW2, Germany's rulers never lost contact with certain circles in Europe and America which openly sympathized with Germany's aggression and advocated support of Nazism as a "bulwark against Communism".

After the Second World War, the Allied de-nazification process was a failure. None of the major ‘behind the scenes’ players were removed from power for long. Both the UK and US intelligence agencies sheltered Nazi spies, and put them back into the new German intelligence service BND, because they were skilled and rabidly anti-communist. It is no surprise the Cold War escalated as it did, with Nazis giving the US and UK  intelligence reports.

Declassified MI5 reports clearly state that part of the Nazi post-war plan was to breed distrust between the West and Russia. The western Allies gave them the perfect opportunity. Two of the main people responsible for allowing Nazis into US intelligence were the Dulles brothers (Allen Dulles Wiki  John Foster Dulles Wiki). JF Dulles Article (by a well informed US Lt Col).

John Foster Dulles did not just arrange money for German assets during WW2, he actively managed and legally protected German intelligence fronts (making him a German spy by default?)....he also helped organise a steady flow of Saudi oil to Nazi Germany throughout the war, and brokered a deal with Standard Oil and the US IG Farben front to supply synthetic oils for use in rubber manufacture and high performance engines (for the Luftwaffe). 

These deals gave Germany a considerable advantage over Britain, as synthetics were new and both Britain and Germany could not yet manufature them. Dulles supplied a license of the patent to Germany. This technology was hidden even from the US arms industry!

It is also worth noting, that Dulles' legal protection hiding Nazi money movements in the US, was in part, for Hamburg Amerika Line, Union Banking Corp and Brown Brothers Harriman. Companies with Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker as Directors.
In October of 1942, Prescott Bush was charged with running Nazi front groups under the Trading With The Enemy Act, and all shares of the Union Banking Corporation were seized by the U.S. Alien Property Custodian. 

Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg once stated that "The Dulles brothers were traitors." And President Roosevelt, potentially realising Dulles was a traitor, had his New York "Office of Coordinator of Information" wiretapped in 1941-42. Dulles was warned and covered his tracks. Roosevelt died before charges were brought.

Join the dots.

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