Thursday, 18 August 2011

Greek Protesters Blockade German Embassy

Representatives of Greece's Los Indiganados movement picketed the German consulate in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, sprayed swastikas outside the building and demanded payment of unpaid WWII reparations from Germany. Greece. 20th July 2011
The Greeks remember that Germany owes them some $7 billion for unpaid war reparations and $3.5 billion, from a forced loan granted to the Wehrmacht in 1941 by the Bank of Greece.
Due payments are expressed in 1938 prices which means that in today’s prices total over one hundred billion Euro, plus interests since 1941. Media in Greece have honed their attention on this topic and recently Greeks re-lived the horror of Nazi atrocities of WWII through documentaries and live testimonies of survivors. The Greek government is giving in to German pressure - and has commissioned Deutsche Bank to "advise" it in the privatization of Greek state property.
Greece has been forced, primarily under German pressure, to privatize 50 billion Euros worth of state property by 2015 - to service debt to German banks! These "solutions" are "presented hand-in-hand with moralizing and condescending preaching" - as if the deficit or surplus of a country reflected the "moral superiority or inferiority of a whole group of human beings.”
Elite German über accountants will parachute into Westminster and never in the field of human financial systems will so much be owed by so many to so few!
Greek protests – A banner expressing the Greek’s concerns. The 5 finger spread is an insult in Greece; Akin to giving ‘the middle finger’.

In addition German insistence of tough austerity measures has seen a massive upswing in anti-German feeling from across the political spectrum, a sentiment flamed by the repeated acusations that German corporations such as Siemens and HDW systematically bribed leading Greek politicians in order to win lucrative arms and security contracts.

More info - German Corruption In Greece

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