Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Germany's Long Game? Sara Moore Article

An excellent article in the European Journal called 'Germany's Long Game?'...

Sara talks about the similarities between the 1930s and today, and points to some interesting revelations about financial manipulation during the great depression, and our current worldwide financial crisis.

When talking about the great depression, Sara writes;

"...the principle cause was the resolve of a much stronger Germany than previously supposed, to secure political goals by financial manipulation in the new environment (by buying so much gold that the British government was forced to raise interest rates) and then suddenly destabilising the stock market by threatening to tear up the Treaty of Versailles and renege on reparations payments....her funds seemed also to have been actively engaged manipulating the US stock market."

She continues;

"...As Germany had a far stronger economy than outsiders realised, Brüning’s deflation and predatory trading affected all the nations with which Germany did business, while creating millions of unemployed at home. Soon Germany became the most powerful exporter in the world. Yet Brüning’s squeeze created such dire unemployment in Germany that she was allowed to stop paying reparations altogether and allowed a measure of rearmament to protect her from a supposedly threatening France....In 1930 concessions were made to industry while the man in the street had his wages cut and taxes increased."

Sara then points out the same behaviour in Merkel's current government; Germany's blackmail position as an economic power in Europe during the signing of the Lisbon Treaty;

I must say, that her views are spot on. I have researched many of the comparisons she mentions and I am of the same opinion.

To conclude, I will use Sara's words:

" In 1928, funds sent over to Wall Street after the arrival of a German socialist government, persuaded American bankers that the days of plenty had arrived; but they were deceived and the funds disappeared. After the arrival of the euro, disenchanted Germans transferred their money to America, bankers thought that manna from heaven had arrived but they were deceived again.... Germany had once more taken the bankers for a ride – and gained an increasing dominant political position in Europe..."

For more info on the immediate post-war Bankers, read The Allies Were Mad.

Read Sara's full article  Sara Moore - Germany's Long Game

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