Thursday, 18 August 2011

Greek Bailout A Charter For Fourth Reich

Frederick Forsyth has started shouting like the rest of us;

"IT IS not being widely reported yet, but the document the European powers signed in Berlin last Thursday is in fact the founding charter of the Fourth German Reich. The ordinary Germans at street level are only protesting because they do not yet realise that. But what has been achieved is a thousand miles beyond a second financial bailout for Greece...."

"Germany would stump up most of the second mega-sum; Chancellor Angela Merkel would face the rage of her electorate; but there would be a quid pro quo that even the Germans would accept once they understood it. In effect, Germany would run the economies of the eurozones weaklings to make sure it never happened again. Remember the old adage: he who controls the economy controls the country.
In such a situation the controlling country is called the imperial power and the controlled one is called the colony. The Brits know a bit about colonies; let's face it, we had a few. Two hundred years ago keeping control might mean throwing in a few redcoats. Nowadays the threat of ruin is more than enough.
Mind you, Germany's new hegemony will not be presented like that. Much too crude. True, but crude.
In effect the powers have created the European Financial Stability Facility, which sounds lovely. It has been endowed so far with €440bn. Quite soon, within a year, it will develop into the European Monetary Fund, endowed with a 'float' of about €1 trillion, which sounds even lovelier. But with sums like that there is always a catch.
Germany is not Father Christmas and would never dream of putting up such sums either out of brotherly generosity or even to save the EU superstate. It will do it for two reasons.
First, the vast majority is never intended to be disbursed. It will simply be moved from the German Federal Bank to the European Central Bank; a paper transaction between two banks about 500 yards apart in Frankfurt.
Secondly, it will be said that this huge treasure is an available float to reassure the banks (ie the money markets) which it will, that they will all be covered if such a thing as the last two years should ever happen again. Therein lies the hidden sting. The German's intend to ensure that it never happens again. Ever.
And there is only one way to ensure that. Run the joint."

"Many historians overlook a simple fact about both world wars. They were not just about marching infantry (the first) or rolling tanks (the second). In complete parallel to German aggression in 1914 and 1939 were immensely detailed plans from Berlin's economics ministry for the full unification of Europe's economies. But with strict terms.
Germany does not want your competition in manufactured products. It has enough of its own and more. It needs to export the surplus in huge quantities to keep those factories rolling and the electorate employed and happy. That is best achieved by client states.
It also wants a constant stream of cheap food to fill those 80 million German bellies, the other half of the 'happy electorate' equation. Both are the jobs of colonies: to provide cheap labour, raw materials, agricultural produce and a ready market for the trinkets."

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