Friday, 26 August 2011

Newly Declassified MI5 File On German Post-War Intelligence

A newly declassified file has been released by the National Archives today.

The MI5 file contains details of the post-war plan by German Intelligence to disrupt relations between the UK/US and Russia using Stay-Behind networks; to train terrorist groups in guerilla warfare; that the newly developed post-war German Federal Intelligence Agency was likely being used as a cover; that the underground German intelligence network worldwide would be run via 'trade' cover.  
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This is not the first of declassified files to confirm suspicions.

It is interesting that the wording of these files seems to underestimate German Intelligence. Where the previously released files talk about the plan for post-war terrorism, the various MI5 agents seem to assume that the terrorist groups will be some small group of disorganised Germans, throwing molatovs at Brits in occupied Germany. Yet if you follow the dots, German intelligence (including many skilled and experienced Nazis), actually worked with and trained Islamic terror groups. It appears that this nasty little network even supported the IRA.

There is also a mention of instructions to the Nazi intelligence networks, for infiltration of the Red Cross. Anyone familiar with how the Red Cross was used to spirit Nazi leaders out of post-war Europe under false documents will find this link very interesting.

Another link is that the SD (Sicherheits-Dienst) continued their intelligence operations via the German ReichsPost (later DeutschePost). The document reveals "nearly all of the postal employees in southern Germany" were SD!

Another notable trend is that the MI5 agents writing the documents, look at the issue from a perspective of an intelligence threat purely from a Nazi perspective. WW1 was not caused by Nazis.
It's amazing that the world became convinced that the German threat was only related to a particular political party, rather than general German ambitions to dominate Europe. The Nazis certainly added a horrible racial element, but that didn't mean you had to be a Nazi to support German expansion!

It seems that the agents tracking German movements around the world post-war, were only worried if the government of a particular country was right-wing.

If you were a Nazi going underground after the war, would you hide and work with the right, or the LEFT?

If anyone reading this site wants to know how Britain has allowed German domination over the last 70 years, the blame can rest firmly in the above misconception.

A series of other files detailing German Intelligence infiltration of Hollywood circles, for the purposes of propaganda, as well as files on many other German intelligence subjects can be found here -

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