Saturday 26 October 2013

NSA Bugging Merkel - Spying For Good Reason

"Why are they spying on me?.. Oh I know...."
In a clear attempt to remove prying eyes from Germany's continuing efforts to create World Germanica 3, German asset Snowden (who undoubtedly will eventually end up in Germany protected by the BND) has provided the information required for Germany to play victim of the big bad USA again.

As our previous posts show (Here and Here), there has been a concerted effort in Germany to demonise the US as the evil empire, much like Jihadis do (but then they are German trained so it should be expected).

Every country knows they are spied on. That is a given, and especially if you are in an influential position.

The faux outrage is because Germany hates the NSA and GCHQ. They know full well that it was British expertise at intercepting and decoding German communications via Bletchley, that really brought an end to the German cultural-imperial dream for a few decades.

The US and UK have managed to keep the German proxy-war-via-Jihad quite controlled via assets such as GCHQ - much to the annoyance of the Germans who were expecting the West to be crippled by Jihad so we would be so busy, we would not bother with Germany.

But now Germany is nearly ready again, and will find it very difficult to move from where she is now, to the next stage (a war footing? A heavier proxy war to keep the democracies busy whilst they strip Europe?) without raising an early alarm with the Five Eyes (the group of course who worked together to defeat the Germans twice before).

It is also very difficult for German intelligence to run teams of Jihadis (like the 9/11 Hamburg Cell) when they can only communicate face-to-face knowing the scale of US interception.

As former NSA employee Thomas Drake says - "After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Germany became intelligence target number one in Europe. The US government did not trust Germany, because some of the Sept. 11 suicide pilots had lived in Hamburg."

So the current German play and squawks of victimisation, are really to provide a number of benefits;

  1. An attempt both via direct treaty agreement and at a UN level, to diminish US intelligence gathering capability
  2. To push through totalitarian control of the internet in Germany (inc access to foreign media - the German people must not be allowed to read alternative views, as they need the population behind their aggressive moves 100%)
  3. To create a web/digital protectionism in Europe, whereby people are encouraged to quit (or flat out prevented) from using American systems and sites and replace them with German systems (a nice little earner for Germany, and a way for Germany to spy on Europe instead of the US).
  4. A propaganda tool to demonise the US and paint themselves as reasonable freedom-loving Germans. This has a world-wide impact, so everyone from Jihadi to N-Korean Totalitarian sees Germany as the saviour of the world from US domination.
  5. An attempt to 'get in there first' - so now if the UK or US decided to start leaking the reality of Germany's hostile nature (supporting Jihad, Munich Olympics massacre, 9/11, Iraqi WMD 'source' Curveball, organised crime, illicit drug trade, arming Iran whilst helping them bury equipment in tunnels so the US and Israel can't see them, economic warfare), it will look like the US 'evil empire' is clutching at straws.

So all those idiots in the media who think Germany is some innocent ally and the US is being heavy-handed spying on Merkel, should consider why the US would feel the need to spy so heavily on that wealthy (therefore very capable) hostile nation.

Nothing really changes in the land that gave us the Kaiser and the Nazis - the most destructive power of the 20th century is about to live up to her well-earned reputation - and she is busy turning the Mid-East and S-America to her side - much like the Axis of old and the attempts in WW1 to keep the US busy fighting on its own border to the south...

The Germans say that the EU is required, otherwise war is inevitable.
The only ones making that war inevitible are the Germans - they think it is their destiny to have Europe (then the world) as their stomping ground, and are making clear they are prepared to do whatever is necessary to achieve their destiny. Hence they see war as inevitable because they are not going to stop voluntarily...

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  1. time for the US and the UK, the Allies to make a move in my humble opinion... let them spill the bean and embarass freedom-loving Germany...
    Thank you for doing what you do.