Thursday, 25 August 2011

Greeks Furious Over Merkel Comment

Continuing from our previous article Merkel Visiting Serbia, German support for Nationalists in the region to encourage further unrest, continues.

On Croatian TV (HRT) this week, Merkel was interviewed about what she was intending to achieve from her Balkans trip.

She talked about trying to force Serbia to recognise Kosovo, as well as the name dispute between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia.

Merkel showed her cards, by saying;
"It is very important for Serbia to collaborate with Kosovo, for Bosnia to elect a government and for Macedonia to solve the name dispute with Greece,"
Commenting on the Western Balkan states' prospects of joining the EU.

Greeks are furious over her use of the term "Macedonia" instead of the correct name FYROM, betraying her real views over who is going to get German support in the name dispute between FYROM and Greece.

Why is this important?

Greek Macedonia is marked on the map in green, bordering FYROM.

The FYROM Macedonian Nationalists, want FYROM recognised as 'Macedonia'. These same Nationalists want to claim Greek Macedonia (green) for themselves.

Greece is fully aware that if FYROM is recognised under the name 'Macedonia', they are going to have a difficult time arguing against FYROM's claims to Greek land.
So, Greece is fighting to make sure the international community do not recognise FYROM as 'Macedonia'.

If Germany backs the name recognition, as they are sure to do (judging by their behaviour so far in the Balkans), then Greece may have a real problem.

As we have mentioned previously, German foreign policy is to quietly back smaller minorities in regions where they want to swing the leadership into a pro-German stance. Exactly the way they encouraged the break-up of the Balkans in the 1990's, and supported the IRA (amongst others) during WW1 and WW2.

This system gives Germany an ever increasing power in the EU, and eventually the UN, by ensuring the new states they have created are voting with Germany.

It is also strategically important, as we have mentioned previously. Now that the Balkans are under German Quisling leadership, the next move is an outlet to the Med. If Germany backs FYROM Nationalist claims to Greek land, they can achieve just that. Watch Cyprus.

Add the anti-Greek sentiment in German media, calling for "the lazy Greeks" to sell their islands and give up land in return for financial assistance, and it becomes clear there is a toxic situation brewing in the region - with Germany stirring in the poison with a great big stick.

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  1. The Merkel-Schauble regime has been a bad one for the EU and Greece...and for Germany itself in terms of image.