Monday, 1 July 2013

Will Germany Grant Citizenship To Their Asset Snowden?

Over the years, Germany has indulged in much anti-American and anti-British propaganda, and one of their favourite techniques is to use supposed leaks/whistleblowers to cause some international outrage at British or American foreign policy and intelligence.

There are numerous examples, but two of these stand out particularly well to highlight how the Snowden situation may develop.

Annie Machon was an MI5 officer who along with David Shayler, sparked a propaganda campaign utilising all the classic conspiracy theories. Amongst the pair's claims, were;
  • Secret MI5 files held on the very government ministers responsible for overseeing the intelligence services.
  • Illegal MI5 phone taps.
  • Lying to government by MI5.
  • IRA bombs that could and should have been prevented.
  • The 1994 bombing of the Israeli embassy in London, when two innocent people were wrongfully convicted.
  • The attempted MI6 assassination of Colonel Gaddafi of Libya

  • These all have the same type of ring to them, as the effect of Snowden's leaks - painting UK intelligence agencies as an enemy.

    Machon and Shayler have both involved themselves with the 9/11 "truth movement", which itself is largely a disinformation and propaganda campaign by Germany to distract from German involvement in the Hamburg Cell, and pretending that the US attacked itself.

    Shayler, after serving a prison sentence for disclosing classified material, now lives as a woman and claims he is the messiah.

    Annie Machon was taken under the wing of German intelligence for her services to Germany, and lives in Dusseldorf, with the protection of German citizenship.

    Then there is our old friend Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, AKA 'Curveball'.
    Curveball, was claimed by German intelligence to have been an Iraqi WMD engineer, and sent  deliberately German-embellished intelligence reports on Iraqi WMDs to US intelligence. As the intelligence checked out in some fine details (because of the German details added) the US believed Curveball's reports were correct. The US asked German intelligence numerous times, to be able to interview Curveball themselves, but were denied access by Germany - largely because the Germans knew Curveball would likely fail under face-to-face scrutiny by the US (whereas the Germans could control what was written in the intelligence reports they were feeding the US).

    It was Curveball's German-embellished reports that were used by Colin Powell at the UN to justify the Iraq invasion on the basis of Iraqi WMD programs involving mobile weapons labs.

    It must be understood here, that Iraq did have WMD. It would be absurd to believe they wouldn't. Instead, just before US invasion in 2003, the Iraqi stocks of WMD were sent out in a large vehicle convoy, through Syria, to Lebanon, as this recon photo from January 2003 shows;

    Hundreds of Iraqi trucks leaving weapons dump, Jan 2003.

    It appears Germany wanted the US to go into Iraq. There are a few reasons for this, including helping the US decline as a world power more quickly, and overthrowing Saddam - who helped keep Iran in check. But the main benefit to Germany since, has been the huge propaganda mission of making out that the US and UK lied about WMDs to go into Iraq like a bunch of crazed imperialists. The effect of this must not be underestimated, as even today the vast majority of British citizens believe the British government completely made up the WMD threat. This has caused a HUGE breakdown in trust between the people and government, and fed German propaganda conspiracy theories with a whole population of useful idiots to parrot them. The story is much the same in the US, with the added propaganda of pretending 9/11 is an "inside job". The world Muslim population's views of the US and UK are massively damaged by this propaganda campaign.

    Curveball was a major tool in achieving this, and despite that after the US invasion of Iraq Germany then revealed Curveball was bullshit, al-Janabi is still protected by German intelligence, on the German intelligence payroll with a nice Mercedes, and will never be extradited due to being granted German citizenship for his services to Germany.

    If you add to the mix that the 9/11 attack was planned in Hamburg, and German intelligence were close to the Hamburg Cell long before 9/11 - it looks very suspicious indeed. The Chief of Hamburg Police, who was close to the Hamburg Cell, became the head of Germany's foreign intelligence service BND after 9/11.

    And so we come back to Snowden.

    A German Green Party MP, has suggested Snowden should be granted German citizenship and protection from US prosecution for "services to Europe and Germany".
    Merkel's aides are saying the US is worse than China and Russia for democratic rights.
    And so the propaganda continues to try and paint Germany as the angel, and the US as the devil.

    If Germany grants citizenship for Snowden, it will be a great day. Because whilst the above makes the US and UK suspicious enough of Germany to spy so heavily on them, Germany or the EU granting citizenship to Snowden will seriously wake up the US defense planners who are still asleep to the threat posed by a German Europe.

    Der Spiegel, comparing the US with Russia and China, says today;
    "Just imagine what would happen if Russian or Chinese intelligence services were found to be hoarding vast amounts of data from Germany every month. An army of investigators would hunt down the spies. It would be a first-class scandal, and rightly so." 
    That is quite threatening language. If Germany hunts down American intelligence officers in Europe, that could get very interesting indeed!

    Several Germans are calling the US spying on them, equivalent to a Cold War. Well if Germany keeps up its current behaviour, it could find itself in a Hot War sooner than it thinks - and German support for the 9/11 terrorists (amongst many other horrific things) will come out in major media...

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