Thursday, 10 November 2011

Economic Blackmail, And Time To Learn German

Whilst the British Media is FILLED with propaganda pushing the idea that Britain should bail out a currency it is not a member of, the elephant in the room continues to go unnoticed.

Germany's Eurozone Surplus has fluctuated between E110bn - E150bn PA, for over a decade. The same figure that the Eurozone is imbalanced by.
Yet Germany is pushing for Britain and others, to bail out the Euro (so they don't have to), keeping German financial dominance of Europe in tact.
Economic warfare and blackmail at its most obvious.
Do things like this Article from the Press Association, need to make what is happening any more obvious?????

"Rail workers are being told to take German lessons as part of their training course for operating new track equipment.
Staff on a recent course in Kent were told they had to learn a series of German phrases relating to instructions on track equipment, the Rail Maritime and Transport union (RMT) said."

"Officials said the development comes as German rail giant Deutsche Bahn looked to "tighten its grip" in the UK through the acquisition of the Grand Central franchise, opening up an opportunity to use EU rules to start running services on the east and west coast - and with the continuing row over the proposed award of the Thameslink fleet contract to Siemens at the expense of UK train building at Bombardier in Derby."

"The RMT said it would be simpler and safer to get the equipment re-programmed with a translation into English rather than placing the responsibility to learn German on the workforce."

"RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: "From Siemens involvement in the betrayal of Bombardier through to Deutsche Bahn taking over the UK's Grand Central franchise last week, EU diktat is driving a German corporate takeover of Britain's railways."

"Profits that could be invested in our services are instead spirited out of the country without touching the sides."

"It is extraordinary that the German companies can't even be bothered to translate their safety instructions into English and instead UK rail workers have to take responsibility with these crash courses in O-level German."
Time to wake up!

Read German Economic Penetration - An Historical Warning, to understand why the above is more of a problem than is even obvious....

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  1. Albrecht Ritsl: "If Germany paid war compensations to Greece, would go bankrupt immediately”