Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Merkel - Nations Must Give Up Sovereignty

In a recent German TV interview, German Chancellor Merkel has called for "treaty-changes, whereby we can at least arraign member-states before the ECJ – such member-states must be prepared to give up a portion of their sovereignty – any country, which fails to abide by the Stability-Criteria, must be forced to do so (!)."

Germany's obfuscation of efforts to solve the Euro crisis are holding Europe to ransom. Germany will continue playing economic chicken with other country's health until they get control of eurozone member's sovereignty.


For more info on crisis manipulation to remove sovereignty, read Political Cover - Using The Crisis


  1. I'm no great fan of Merkel, but your portrayal of this woman is just disgusting.

  2. re Ian of Hamburg;

    Merkel managed to create this image (and the facial expression) all by herself.

    It seems to have escaped you, that German politicians who call for a reduction in sovereignty of other nations, tend to mean trouble.

    She is doing the totalitarian tip-toe.

    Her comments, beliefs, and attitude to other nation states are the disgusting bit.

  3. Excellent art work! It portraits Ms. Merkel perfectly.

  4. thanks for sharing..