Saturday 6 July 2013

German Anti-US Propaganda In Full Swing Over NSA Spying

The German media has contained some fascinating insights into the German mindset this week, since their faux shock over German asset Snowden's leaking of details regarding the US/UK spying on Germany and the EU. There is even an attempt to make an election issue of it, for the forthcoming German elections in September.

The German press has been filled with anti-US rhetoric and feelings of superiority all week.

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, German Social Democrat leader Sigmar Gabriel demanded that German federal prosecutors launch an investigation against the leaders of America's National Security Agency intelligence service, and those of its British counterpart GCHQ. "I would find it appropriate were the public prosecutors' office to pursue proceedings against those responsible for the American and British intelligence agencies," Gabriel said.

The SPD chairman also demanded that German prosecutors travel to Moscow to question Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who is responsible for leaking information regarding the extent of NSA spying.
"The first step has to be that public prosecutors travel to Moscow to depose Mr. Snowden as a witness," Gabriel said. "If they come away with the impression that he is a reliable witness, then admitting him to the witness protection program must be considered. All we have to do is just let our legal system do its normal work. I expect as much from our government."

An unscientific online survey undertaken by SPIEGEL ONLINE this week found that almost 85 percent of those who responded are in favor of granting Snowden permission to stay in Germany. Other online surveys have arrived at similar numbers.

The Green Party has also demanded a stronger reaction from Berlin and has been particularly vocal about demanding that Merkel's government either provide asylum to Snowden or bring him to Germany as part of the witness protection program. On Wednesday, the party launched an online petition demanding protection for the whistleblower. Berlin's refusal to grant asylum to Snowden is "a disgrace for Germany, and a disgrace for Europe," said Jürgen Trittin, parliamentary floor leader for the Greens, on Wednesday.

"Ongoing revelations about the NSA spying scandal have pushed German trust in the US to its lowest level since the presidency of George W. Bush. A new survey also finds that Germans want Chancellor Merkel to stand up to Washington."
"Early in Obama's first term, some 78 percent of Germans saw the US as 'a country that could be trusted'".

"This week, though, following revelations of large-scale US spying in Europe and vast Internet surveillance, that trust has taken a hit. A survey released late on Thursday found that only 49 percent of Germans now view the United States as trustworthy."  (which is exactly the point of these leaks - preparing the German population to eventually go head-to-head with the US - And for those reading this unsure why this is odd, imagine Germany's reaction if the the NY Times ran a survey on how much its readers trust Germany!).

"The reaction has been one of outrage, with top German politicians demanding that the spying cease immediately. And the survey, undertaken by pollsters infratest-dimap for the public television station ARD, would seem to indicate that many in the country share that indignation. 78 percent agreed with the statement that German Chancellor Angela Merkel 'must protest more unequivocally to the US'."

From Der Spiegel's Jan Fleischhauer;
"Ten days ago, I traveled to the United States to stay in a vacation home on the East Coast. "As a patriot, I find that traveling to America has become unacceptable," a colleague of mine texted me on Monday. In my own defense, I can only say that the scope of the scandal could not have been foreseen when I began my journey."

"If I understand things correctly, the Americans are in the fast lane to setting up a state of hyper-surveillance in Europe ruled over by data dictator Barack Obama. And all good Germans are united in their outrage. Even Sigmar Gabriel, head of the center-left Social Democrats, is calling for prosecutors to launch an investigation into the head of the NSA."

All very obvious propaganda from major German media, which betrays their true thoughts of the US and UK (usually prevented by the state if the state didn't agree with these views).

An attempt also seems to be being made, to rally German citizen's support for Snowden being given German asylum.

Germany is an enemy of the West, and has been for over a century - they just kept their traps shut since 1945  - until now, where they are confident enough in their new Reich that they can get away with it.

They are not that far off this rhetoric again - German propaganda in full SWING...
Listen carefully to the words...


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