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What Links The Arab Spring, Dr David Kelly, & German Intelligence?

German spy ship hoovering up COMINT on the Syrian coast
With the recent developments in Syria, it is interesting to first note an article from the German press, in order to give our explanation a reference point.

Officially of course, the US and UK governments have no love for Syria's Assad. But they are also aware that many of the Syrian rebels are Islamic extremists, hence there is a balancing act between avoiding the worst of two bad choices. This why the US was sketchy about arming the rebels like they did in Libya - Assad is not quite the mad dog that Gaddafi was, and hence may be the lesser of two evils (the alternative being a Muslim Brotherhood/Jihadist Syria).

The Germans though, are making no such distinctions. In the German press article, published pretty much verbatim in the three main German newspapers, were these little gems;

"A German newspaper has reported that a spy ship from the German intelligence agency is helping Syrian rebels. According to a report on Sunday in the paper Bild am Sonntag, the ship is equipped to detect troop movements as far as 600 kilometers (372.8 miles) inland. The paper says the information thus obtained is being passed by the German foreign intelligence agency BND to United States and British intelligence services. These in turn are handing it on to Syrian rebels, the report says."

The report quotes a US intelligence agent as saying: "No Western intelligence service has as good sources in Syria as the BND does." (They never wondered why??)

A member of the BND told the newspaper that the intelligence service was "proud of the important contribution [it] is making to the overthrow of the Assad regime."

As mentioned previously, German foreign policy is covertly in lockstep with their old nazi allies, the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Syrian HQ of the Brotherhood, is based in ALEPPO (the same town that Assad's forces have been attacking and are accused of a massacre - though it seems clear why Assad would be having trouble from that town in particular).

The Brotherhood wants Assad out of the picture, to join Egypt as another Brotherhood-run state for their new caliphate.

The appointment of Hafez al-Assad, an Alawite Muslim, as the Syrian president in 1971 angered the Brotherhood because the majority of Muslims do not consider Alawites true Muslims at all. Assad initially tried to placate them, but made very little progress.
Assad’s support of Maronites in the Lebanese Civil War made the Brotherhood re-declare it's jihad. They began a campaign of strikes and terrorist actions. In 1979, they killed 83 Alawite cadets in the Aleppo artillery school. Assad’s attempts to calm them by changing officials and releasing political prisoners did not help. Eventually the army was used to restore order by force.
An assassination attempt against Assad on June 25, 1980, was the last straw. Assad made the Syrian parliament declare Brotherhood membership a capital offense and sent the army against them. In the operation, which lasted until February of 1982, the Syrian army practically wiped out the Brotherhood, killing an unknown but large number of people in the Hama Massacre.
Another historical issue is Syrian-Soviet relations; Communism being perceived as a Jewish plot by the Islamo-fascists of the Brotherhood.
The Russian government alleges that the Muslim Brotherhood is a key force in the ongoing Chechen revolt. Russian officials accused the Muslim Brotherhood of planning the December 27, 2002 suicide car bombing of the headquarters of the Russian-backed government in Grozny, Chechnya.
Getting back to Germany, the mentions in the above quoted article regarding an abundance of intelligence flowing from German to American and British agencies, is an important note.
Since Yugoslavia set the precedent, German intelligence have been busy painting a picture that suits their world view, and have been massively influencing US and UK foreign policy using the intelligence picture they paint.
What they do is very clever, yet very simple; they fill the country they want to attack/dislodge with German spies. Then, they send hair-raising reports of massacres and brutality on the part of the target government to the UK, the US, and the UN.
Often as mentioned above, these German reports are believed because "No Western intelligence service has as good sources in ..X.. as the BND does."
They also, when challenged by the CIA or MI6, REFUSE TO REVEAL THEIR SOURCES for "operational security".
Combined with hair-raising stories which get the human CIA/MI6 reader of the German report emotionally on-message, they are on to a successful RECIPE. It has been used to breakup Yugoslavia to Germany's benefit and settle old scores (and support the Brotherhood allied KLA); it lead to the claims in 2003 of Iraqi mobile weapons labs from CURVEBALL, whose reports were believed because German intelligence in conjunction with Brotherhood stooge Mohamed ElBaradei, added information that only an insider could have known  (leading to the Iraq invasion and international damage to the UK and US reputations, when Curveball was later outed as a liar). And now it continues into Syria.
Germany is using the US and UK to overthrow the regimes which she personally does not like, via intelligence penetration/obfuscation. This works in conjunction with Bertelsmann media reporting propaganda that supports the BND view.
Both Hitler and Bismarck knew the importance of using the middle-east against the UK in a hot war. What is happening now is just the continuation of German attempts to dominate the middle-east by being in bed with the Brotherhood, to the detriment of US/UK influence.

In fact, the German-jihadi axis can be spotted in all sorts of nasty business, from the Munich Olympics, to the Oklahoma bombing, to 9/11. Even the Cuban Missile Crisis partially came about because of German Intelligence claims that weapons being sent to Cuba by the Soviets were nuclear. This was suspiciously timed with US overflights of Cuba being grounded, therefore it was difficult for the US to know either way. These are potential acts of war BY GERMANY, and need to be dealt with as such.

Going back to Iraq and the WMD mess, there is another element that we have decided to put out there for discussion.

Dr David Kelly was a British expert on biological warfare, and had been part of the UN task force of weapons inspectors in Iraq, working closely with the IAEA.

In July 2003, a finger was pointed at him as being the source of a BBC claim that the Iraq war dossier had been 'sexed up'.

The BBC, as well as many other media outlets, immediately took the story to be correct because Dr Kelly was a weapons inspector and the BBC had said the 'source' was high level.

To this day, general concensus is that Dr Kelly was the source, and that he believed the UK and US governments were making up all WMD claims. 

However, if you read Kelly's answers to the Parliamentary Select Commitee, you will find that he flatly denies being the source, and that in his professional opinion the claims of WMD were largely correct. He only has slight reservations over the 45min claim, and only then over the specifics of 45mins. He even went so far as to say that the reason he believed WMD were not used upon invasion, was the direction of the wind would have blown the WMD back over the Iraqi forces, and were therefore useless. Does that sound like a man who did not believe in Iraqi WMD?

He was found dead two days later.

At this time, the head of the IAEA was the aforementioned Mohamed ElBaradei.

Elbaradei was a Brotherhood plant, who worked closely with the Germans.

Considering he was the Chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, tasked with preventing rogue states aquiring WMD, some more information is in order;

“The Muslim Brotherhood are religiously conservative, they are in no way extremists they are in no way using violence…. You have to include them in the government like evangelical groups in the US, like orthodox Jews in Jerusalem.” – Baradei -  ABC, January 2011

“The Muslim Brotherhood has nothing to do with extremism… I have been reaching out to them. We need to include them.” – Baradei -  CNN, January 2011

“I do not believe that the Iranians are actually producing nuclear weapons.” – Baradei -  Der Spiegel, July 2010
“In general, the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran is overestimated.” – Baradei -  Der Spiegel, July 2010

“I do see a major problem with [Egypt] continuing to be accomplices to those (Israel) who humiliate the Palestinian people.” – Baradei - Der Spiegel, July 2010

“The U.S. government demands that other nations not possess nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, it is arming itself.” – Baradei -  Reuters, August 2003

 “Israel is the number one threat to the Middle East given the nuclear arms it possesses.” – Baradei - IRNA News Agency, October 2009

Looking at his work history, ElBaradei and his aides refuted the Bush administration's claims that Saddam Hussein had a secret nuclear program, and maintained that documents detailing Iraq's supposed attempts to acquire uranium from Niger were forged. They were - by German intelligence, and Baradei knew it.

For almost a decade, starting in 1992, the agency inspectors did not notice that Iran had a secret nuclear program that violated its international commitments. Even when the agency had the information, in 2002 (to a considerable degree thanks to American, British, and Israeli intelligence), ElBaradei ignored it and made every possible effort to undermine its reliability.
He intervened repeatedly to distort his inspectors' reports on Iran's nuclear sites, and he made sure that the IAEA's periodic reports about Iran would be camouflaged in diplomatic gibberish. Time and again they repeated the phrase that "no proof was found" that Iran's nuclear program had military aspects, even though they were blatantly obvious.

So with ElBaradei, we have a man who is Muslim Brotherhood (and was backed by such in the recent overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt), who has hidden, covered-up, and lied about Iranian ambitions, and outed the information of Iraqi-Niger Yellowcake.

ElBaradei was the BBC source in 2003. NOT Dr David Kelly.

ElBaradei was who Dr Kelly was talking about when he said there were "dark actors playing games" just before his death.

The attention drawn to Dr Kelly by the media over the WMD issue backfired for ElBaradei. He and his German and Brotherhood friends were hoping just to damage the reputations of the UK and US, just as they had done with their plan for CURVEBALL.

But a well respected British weapons expert was 'sticking to his guns' under pressure, and could have brought a world of hurt onto ElBaradei and his influential subversive position. Sooner or later, if Kelly had continued making statements which were opposite to what the Chief of the IAEA was saying, ElBaradei may have been seen for the liar and Brotherhood stooge that he was.

He had to be stopped before he said anymore, and was found dead 17th July 2003. His autopsy evidence has an intelligence-derived 70 year 'D' notice classification on it.

 This sort of behaviour will continue, until the US and UK wake up, stop sleeping with the enemy and believing their misleading intelligence reports, and see the elephant-in-the-room wearing lederhosen.

Otherwise we will quickly find ourselves on the wrong side of history.

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  1. You have so much information on your site, information which I cannot fault, and such a cogent argument that I am persuaded to accept your view. Given what is now coming to light about the EU's [German influenced] elite manipulating the destruction of Cyprus's economy what you say here sounds all too plausible[].
    Like a phoenix the Third Reich is now rising from the ashes of Southern Europe's economic crisis.