Tuesday 24 July 2012

Updates; A Few Good Germans?

The last few months have been very revealing.

The German financial warfare has continued unchanged in Europe and elsewhere, to the point where we have not felt the need to report on it. Our previous posts are still relevant. For further information on German economic manipulation, both historical and current, read this; http://howhitlercametopower.com/

However, there have been other, very interesting developments which confirm suspicions from previous posts here at GermanyWatch.

A Good German?

A scandal has been developing in Germany linking the domestic German intelligence service BfV, and a series of neo-Nazi murders.

4 senior officers on a state level, have been either publicly sacked or moved for their links to the National Socalist Underground (NSU). Not only have they been actively funding and training this group, but they have been covering their tracks by destroying evidence of the NSU activities, despite being ordered by German courts to divulge the information.

One of the clearest suspect actions, was the deletion of all files related to NSU phone calls and the numbers dialled and received - thus hiding the true scale of the network, and preventing further investigation of who else was in touch with the NSU.

The scandal came about due to an anonymous tip to certain good (democratic) Germans in the German media about links between German intelligence and neo-Nazis.

There was nothing especially new to this accusation, except this one group was clearly linked to 9 murders of Greeks and Turks within Germany (just the ones we know of). Plus, a German Police Officer.

So, due to the ensuing panic of the shitstorm that was about to engulf German domestic intelligence, the alleged ringleaders of the NSU turned up dead with gunshot wounds in a burned-out apartment in an apparent 'suicide'.

This stopped the press investigation in its tracks, and German intelligence quickly publicised the deaths of the ringleaders, preventing any chance of the depth of intelligence involvement in the NSU coming to light from cross-examination of said ring leaders.

In another illuminating disclosure, a neo-Nazi has publicly confirmed his involvement with the Black September group responsible for the 1972 Munich Olympics murder of Israeli athletes.

Anyone with the ability for critical thought, should have always been able to smell a rat regarding Jewish athletes being killed in a German city. It is fairly obvious just how excited that action would have made certain older Germans at the time, including many 'former' Nazis still working in German intelligence.

The neo-Nazi who has confirmed his involvement with Black September, has said he was requested to drive the Islamic extremists around Germany in order to gain them false documents (an intelligence specialism).

In a further disclosure, we learn that two days after the Munich killings, a civil servant in the German foreign ministry laid out the official line to be taken by all governemnt departments regarding the killings;

" ...blaming each other must be avoided, as must self criticism"

Thus the myth was born of a perfectly organised terrorist group, and German authorities created the story of the precision with which Black September operated.

However the disclosure revealed the far more believable reality; Black September were useless, inexperienced and uneducated, chaotic, and incapable of even the basic task of booking a hotel in Munich.

Hence, the Nazi support for booking the hotel and arranging fake documents. In fact, a running joke in Israeli and British forces during the 1960s and 1970s was that most of the Islamic terrorists at the time were so thick, uneducated, illiterate and badly trained, that they would frequently throw grenades at British troops in Aden or Suez, or Israeli troops at home, without removing the pin.

Another element in the disclosure which supports the above theory, is the inherent difficulty of achieving what Black September achieved in Munich.

The site where the Israeli athletes were staying was essentially part of the Munich Olympic Village. Teams from all over the world were staying at the same site, yet Black September not only managed to stroll past security and enter the building, but the they entered the correct building, and found the correct rooms where the Israelis were staying.

The disclosure revealed that the Munich Criminal Police explicitly stated in their report that Black September had "not conducted any precise reconnaissance before the attack."
This was hidden from the public for 40 years, and would make the above very difficult to achieve indeed - without local help.

The fact that the Munich Public Prosecutor at the time had launched an investigation against the head of Police, Manfred Schreiber and his team leader, for "suspected negligent manslaughter" has also been hidden until now.

Once you consider German complicity in the Munich killings, all the other details fall together; from the release of various terrorists from German custody, to seemingly staged hijackings of German aircraft.

Why? Because these Islamic terrorist were working for German intelligence in the first place. They were useful idiots.

Whether this was a fully German State-backed group, or a group of Nazi renegades within German intelligence arranged the support off their own backs, we will unlikely ever know for sure.

But it does seem there are currently a few good Germans, doing some sterling work getting the truth out in Germany.

UPDATE 03/08/2012

The NSU scandal has widened, with German media confirming 2 colleagues of the murdered Baden-Wuerttemberg Police Officer were also linked to the NSU, and were (are) members of, and in contact with, the US Ku Klux Klan (KKK).


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