Saturday, 20 July 2013

Greenwald Promises Further Leaks Will Escalate German Anti-US Feeling

Following on from our previous post Guardian's Greenwald - Nazi Sympathizer?, Greenwald made some interesting comments during a TV interview this week.

Speaking on a political talk show on German public broadcaster ARD on Thursday night, Glenn Greenwald said he expected stories to appear in the coming days that would be even "more explosive" in Germany than the NSA leak reports previously published.

He told host Reinhold Beckmann that he and journalist Laura Poitras had obtained full sets of the stolen documents during a trip to Hong Kong, with around 9,000 to 10,000 top secret documents in total. Greenwald said they had been in possession of the data for around seven weeks and had not had a chance to analyze all the material, noting that some of the documents were extremely complicated. "We're working on it," he said.

Asked by the host about his own security, Greenwald said "There's a very robust CIA presence where I work, in Rio de Janeiro," (he needs to be protected by the the old Brazil Nazi hydra no doubt, likely a benefit of working for the Fatherland) and when you have very secret documents from the world's most powerful government, "you definitely think about your security." He told Beckmann he carries the data with him at all times, but also that other copies have been stored on the Internet.

This TV interview was just part of the continuing German media circus, which is busy painting Germany as the victim of a big bad sinister USA.

The fact Greenwald chose German TV, and then announced that future leaks would be even more explosive in Germany than the NSA spying debacle (where it was revealed the US spies on Germany more than anyone else in Europe, and even more than Russia!), points in the direction of our previous theory that Snowden's leaks are a German intelligence operation, utilising neo-Nazi networks to do the dirty work. By announcing the extent of US and UK spying, German and neo-Nazi networks will be going futher off the grid as a result - a warning we are sure they very much welcome.

So the question is, is Greenwald just spinning the story to keep the interest and pressure in Germany, or is he really going to reveal something that Germany will further use against the US in the world's media?

One thing that would be more shocking to a German audience than the actual spying, are the reasons for the spying. Perhaps if the German public heard why the US and UK have good reason to spy on Germany, with Germany getting in there first making the US and UK look paranoid, then future warnings over German behaviour can be written off as the rantings of an out-of-touch and desperate West in decline. Or perhaps its just purely the intrusiveness of the spying that is going to be played up and highlighted further.

Whatever happens, you can bet that it is strategic, with the ultimate aim of trying to give Germany a moral high-ground over the US.

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