Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Germany Sends Stroppy Letter Over UK's Intelligence Capability

The latest leaks to come from former CIA man Mr Snowden about GCHQ and PRISM, appear to have caused a faux outrage from the German political class.

But what is this really about?

Back in 2011, we wrote a post about Germany's upset over Facebook and spying (covered up with complaints of "data protection" issues)  german-govt-office-bans-facebook-likes

This move by the German government against Facebook in 2011, was pure media propaganda to scare the German population away from American email and social networks due to spying.
Of course the latest letters from Germany to the Home Secretary (the only country to do so, itself betraying that the leaks are linked to Germany), are pointless because Germany has known for years how GCHQ works. This is all an anti-American and anti-British show for EU citizen's consumption.
The latest leaks are really German propaganda for Europe's consumption, in order to take a moral high ground. Germany knows (as evidenced by various European protests, with people disgusted at Germany's behaviour, displaying images of Merkel dressed as a Nazi), that European people are seeing Germany as the enemy and main player in the destruction of their countries and economies. Germany wants to make the US and UK the bad guys, whilst using the EU to moan about, debate, and then obfuscate British and American intelligence efforts, whilst Germany helps herself to continue building her empire with the public looking the wrong way.
The Germans really don't like the fact that they are more spied on by GCHQ than we spy on Russia! It is very telling. Its difficult for Germany to run an intelligence state and control and organise their terrorist friends (like the Hamburg Cell), their disinfo friends (like Alwan al Janabi), or their  subversive NGOs/fascist-rooted terrorist friends in the middle-east (FES/FNS/Muslim Brotherhood) when they know GCHQ/Menwith Hill etc are listening to their phone calls and reading their emails. Pretty much the only way for Germany to operate in secret is face-to-face, which is very resource intensive and slow.
Mr Snowden has links to US and Swedish neo-Nazis, hence they look to be German assets/useful idiots in the bigger German propaganda game. Nazi isolationist anti-Semite Ron Paul appears to be linked to the same group.
What is funny with Germany's faux horror at GCHQ's ability, is that Siemens is just as capable and busy spying in Britain via everything from passport supply, to traffic systems and the BBC, but its one rule for them and another rule for everyone else.
But then GCHQ and Menwith Hill are ancestors of Bletchley Park, one of the main reasons we beat Germany militarily in WW2. German intelligence and leaders know that very well, and so would love to remove GCHQ's ability to know what Germans are up to at any given point.
Keep it up Germany. The more you behave the way you do currently - the MORE reason we have to spy on your suspicious behaviour and links to terrorism - meaning it will all come out in the wash.

UPDATE 30/06/2013

"EU offices in Washington and New York were bugged and that data on half a billion telephone calls, emails and text messages were harvested from Germany and France every month.

NSA officials were said to describe Germany as a “third-class partner” and boast that US spies “attack the signals” of Germans as extensively as they monitor states such as China and Saudi Arabia.

The documents claim that the NSA typically monitored about 20 million German phone connections and 10 million internet communications per day."

Good to know the Americans are showing Germany the due concern required.

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