Thursday, 2 May 2013

The New Reichsmark Euro

A new 5EURO note design has been released by the Bundesbank for the whole of the Eurozone.
The image is a "stylised" Brandenberg gate. That is the image that will be standard accross the whole of the Eurozone!
Just in case any Greeks or Cypriots were unsure just who controls their financial system...
How symbolic. Nothing like a bit of subliminal messaging. It just as well say 5 Reichsmark.
This is in the same week the Bank of England announced that the new £5 note will feature an image of Churchill, with a reference to his speech about fighting Germany with all the British could muster...

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  1. Hey, this is an interesting blog and you make a great work with the articles.

    Cennected to this subject, I have read today in Der Spiegel an article about the forthcoming changes to the worldwide banking system as a result to national banking regulations which somehow will affect the competetion power of large banking groups. Puting it short, the article was stating that by the end of the economic crisys there will be only 5 or 6 banks with a global coverage, and for the european continent it will be no other than Deutsche Bank (at leats that's the biased vision of some germans).

    It's funny, every time I read some economic articles from the german media I can see observe the zealous posture of Germany to keep Europe under it's foot.