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What Links the IRA, Libya, and Islamic Terrorists?

Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's Commando bodyguard, had been spending time in Egypt post-war, organising his Nazi mercenaries and generally making a nuisance of himself. In 1952 the country had been taken over by General Mohammed Naguib. Skorzeny was sent to Egypt the following year to act as Naguib's military advisor.

Skorzeny recruited a staff made up of former SS officers to train the Egyptian army. Among these officers were SS General Wilhelm Farmbacher, Panzer General Oskar Munzel, Leopold Gleim, head of the Gestapo Department for Jewish Affairs in Poland, and Joachim Daemling, former chief of the Gestapo in Düsseldorf joined Skorzeny in Egypt.

In addition to training the army, Skorzeny also trained Arab volunteers in commando tactics for use against British troops stationed in the Suez Canal zone.  Palestinian refugees also received commando training, and Skorzeny planned their initial strikes into Israel via the Gaza Strip in 1953-1954. One of these Palestinians was Yasser Arafat. He would eventually serve as an adviser to Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Using the cover names of Robert Steinbacher and Otto Steinbauer, and supported by either Nazi funds (or according to some sources Austrian Intelligence), he set up a secret organization named Die Spinne which helped as many as 600 former SS men escape from Germany to Spain, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, and other countries. As the years went by, Skorzeny, Gehlen, and their network of collaborators gained enormous influence in Europe and Latin America. Skorzeny traveled between Franquist Spain and Argentina, where he acted as an advisor to President Juan Perón and bodyguard of Eva Perón, while fostering an ambition for the "Fourth Reich" centered in Latin America.

In post-war Argentina, German agents had control of banks, railroads, aviation, chemicals and steel works. Fritz Mandl virtually controlled the Argentine munitions industry on behalf of I.G Farben. German players had key positions in the Peron government and military.
This illuminates the real under-currents of the Falklands. Argentine military, intelligence, and Government, contained many SS and Gestapo men acting as 'advisers' right up through the 1980s. The Argentine military was full of them, advising on tactics, weapons, and propaganda.

It must have been quite an exciting day when the old Nazis witnessed the sinking of HMS Sheffield and HMS Ardent during the Falklands conflict.

Skorzeny also acted as an advisor to the leadership of the Spanish neo-Nazi group CEDADE, which had been established in 1966, and which counted him as one of its founding fathers.
Like thousands of other former Nazis, Skorzeny was declared entnazifiziert (denazified) in absentia in 1952 (!!) by a West German government arbitration board, which now meant he could travel from Spain into other Western countries. He spent his time between 1959 and 1969 in Ireland, where he bought Martinstown House, a 200-acre farm in County Kildare in 1959. From the late 1960s onwards, the IRA became increasingly aggressive and organised. The Nazi Commando was likely giving the IRA training in guerilla warfare, intelligence and counter intelligence, explosives, kidnapping, sabotage, identifying targets etc. All things Skorzeny was extremely skilled at and the IRA had to learn somewhere.

It is widely known that Gaddafi's Libya supplied the weapons and explosives for the IRA. What is less known, is that Skorzeny's Nazi mercenary group installed Gaddafi. I would bet big money that Skorzeny brokered the weapons deals between Gaddafi and the IRA.

Another link came up whilst researching links between the IRA and German weapons smuggling; an article claiming that German terrorists helped plan the IRA attack on Lord Mountbatten...  Article

In close timing to the attack on Mountbatten, the great Airey Neave was also assassinated in one of the biggest events in Britain's post-war political history. Neave was Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary. More importantly, he was one of the greatest symbols of British solidarity against German domination, with a very detailed knowledge of German intelligence. Neave was the first Brit to make a 'home run' from a German POW camp, even sending a postcard to the Nazi leadership of his former prison, saying that he was "greatly enjoying his holiday in Switzerland" just to wind them up.

Neave played a large role in organising the French Resistance, as well as the escape of Allied POWs. He would later play an instrumental role at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, securing death sentences and prison terms for German leadership and industrial backers.

Is it unfair to say certain Germans would have welcomed Airey Neave's exit from the planet? The relationship with the IRA, Provos, INLA, could certainly have provided the dual purpose.

For more info on Nazi links to Islamic Terror, read Conspiracy Theory Of Al Qaeda

If you want to go back before the Nazis to see how this has been Germany's technique for over a century, just read about Arthur Zimmerman;

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