Thursday, 18 August 2011

Siemens At It Again

A source points to huge fraud and corruption in the dealings between German defense corporations and the Greek government. The industrial giant SIEMENS, used often by the German government as a front for international intelligence operations, has apparently been a major offender:

“One of countless scandals in Greece involves millions of euros smuggled under the table by Siemens and siphoned to the leading Greek political parties of New Democracy and pasok as ‘commissions’ or direct bribes for winning certain contracts worth billions. The key person (a Siemens top executive of Greek origin and German citizenship) involved in the plot escaped arrest and trial in Greece and currently shelters in Germany where he is protected by German law."

One of the worst cases of manipulation by German corporatists was the OTE debacle. This involved German corporations being granted contracts to upgrade the Greek national telecommunications system. The whole project was financed by Greece, only to see a 30 percent stake in the system sold to a German company through what appears to be dubious procedures. OTE is the major power supplier to the Balkan nations.
All these sum up to hundreds of billions of euros and, under other circumstances, could have been more than enough to balance the Greek budget deficit and even drastically alleviate the external debt.
“One thing is for sure, those billions were added to the profits of German industrialists, bankers and intermediaries” (ibid).

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