Saturday, 20 August 2011

German Govt Office Bans Facebook 'Likes'

In an intersting move, a German data protection authority is "unliking" Facebook's "Like" button.

Thilo Weichert, data protection commissioner in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, has ordered state institutions to shut down the fan pages on the social networking site and remove the "Like" button from their websites, saying it leads to profiling that violates German and European law.
Facebook insisted that it is in full compliance with European data protection laws.

Mr Weichert issued a statement saying technical analysis by his office shows California-based Facebook violated German and European data protection laws by passing content data to the social network's servers in the US.
"Whoever visits Facebook or uses a plug-in must expect that he or she will be tracked by the company for two years," Mr Weichert said. "Facebook builds a broad individual and for members even a personalised profile."

It seems it is one rule for Germany, the opposite for everyone else, as GermanyWatch mentioned in our previous post Brit Govt Go Mad - Give Away National Security.

German firm Siemens Traffic Controls’ technology was selected by Transport for London (TfL) for the world’s largest Low Emission Zone. This scheme, launched in 2008, is the first of its kind in the UK and the largest in the world. It aims to discourage the use of the most polluting lorries, coaches and buses to improve air quality and health across the capital. Siemens will supply and operate the system, which involves installing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at 75 different sites around London to capture details of an estimated four million number plates every day.

Siemens Business Services was awarded an £18 million contract by the Office for National Statistics to digitise 250 million birth, marriage and death certificates from 1837 to the present day. (Seriously!!!!)
The UK Passport Service awards Siemens Business Services a £120 million contract for an IT solution to make passport applications online from 2005.

Siemens is of course, known to be linked to German intelligence. The data of London vehicle movements, and the family tree of everyone in the UK being given to a foreign power is very concerning.
It seems it's ok for Germany to know the vehicle movements of British VIPs, and profile every British Citizen since 1837 - but if the US profiles Germans they moan.
Pot. Kettle.


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