Saturday 27 July 2013

German Anti-US Propaganda In Full Swing (2)

As discussed in our previous post German Anti-US Propaganda In Full Swing Over NSA Spying , Germany is milking the Snowden/NSA story for all it can.

Anti-US groups have been rallying all over Germany under the Twitter hashtag #StopWatchingUs.

Protests were organized in at least 40 German cities, including Hamburg, Munich, and Berlin, with the largest rally taking place in Frankfurt. 

Here is a video of a group at the Brandenberg Gate;

German citizen's minds are being directed to an anti-US stance, whilst southern-Europeans protest with pictures of Merkel dressed as a Nazi. Germany likes to play victim, and the Snowden propaganda coup is working well.

From Twitter, this from Munich;
"For those who doubt German citizens are ANGRY with USA and their gov, take a look at Münich"
Посмотреть изображение в Твиттере
There is only one reason for Germany to start the process of twisting her citizen's minds to an anti-US stance...

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  1. Hitler wrote in his unpublished(until after his death) sequel to Mein Kampf:
    "In the distant future, one could then perhaps imagine a new association of nations—composed of individual states of superior national quality—that could then perhaps challenge the imminent overpowering of the world by the American union. Because it seems to me that the existence of England’s world domination inflicts less suffering on the nations of today than would the emergence of an American one."

    "Hitler’s Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf" p. 231.

    There is recent news that Germany is using this whole NSA spying operation to unilaterally remove the treaty restrictions placed on Germany after WWII which actually allowed the US and UK to spy on Germany.

    Also to the author(s) of this blog:
    I tried emailing you twice back in late 2012 via the email address listed on your blogger profile.

    I have two items that show the continuity of German policy which I feel merit their own blog entry, but I there is no pointing emailing it seems...