Sunday 3 March 2013

The Socialist & Anti-Capitalist Beliefs Of Nazism, And The EU

Many cannot understand today that the far-left in Europe, with its rampant anti-capitalist views, anti-Semitism, and general belief in a world Jewish-financial conspiracy, is related directly to Nazism.

Since Bismarck, the German plan was to attack Capitalism itself, as the weak underbelly of the western democracies, in order to have Germany reign supreme on the world stage.
"We are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions."

Adolf Hitler. May 1st, 1927
That sounds very 'Left'. But it is not even that simple, as Hitler was aiming for more than being a hero of the Left...
Here Hitler describes the point of Nazism - Uniting left and right in a third political position (and of course, the reason people followed a dictator and accepted removal of democracy - they were united left and right);

"The German nation had hoped to gain, in turn, the goodwill of others but it met only the naked egotism of the cruelest and meanest vested interests, which began to loot everything there was to loot. One should not have expected anything else. But now the die was cast."

"One thing seemed obvious to me: any rise could not originate from outside. First, the German nation had to learn to understand its own political struggle, which enabled it to rally Germany's entire strength above all its idealistic strength. And this idealistic strength was at the time only to be found in two camps; in the Socialist and in the Nationalist camps. But these were the camps between which there was the most mortal feud and strife. These two camps had to be fused into a new unit. "

"The social part of this programme meant unifying the German people, overcoming all class and race prejudices, educating the German for the community, and if necessary, breaking any opposition to this unity. Economically, it meant building a National German economy which appreciated the importance of private initiative, but subordinated the entire economic life to the common interest."

"Believe me, here, too, no other aim is thinkable. In times in which the sons are arrayed for defence in battle, and where no difference can be made between those who represent much, and those who represent little, economic advantages or privileged positions to the disadvantage of the total community cannot be maintained."
"They (the western democracies) can wage wars for their capitalist interests, but in the end these wars will open the way for social risings within the nations; for in the long run it is impossible that hundreds of millions of human beings should be aligned according to the interests of a few individuals. In the long run the greater interest of mankind is bound to prevail over the interests of these little plutocratic profiteers." 
Adolf Hitler - 30th January 1941.
This is what Europe's use of the financial crisis is all about. They will tell everybody they are united, but they are really herded into a third position. National (on a European level) Socialism. Then, there will be no need for democracy, as everybody's views will be seemingly taken into account...
National Socialism never went away. It just changed symbols and split into respective pieces, to be re-united when required.
In that context, the reason for the EU's current attack on Capitalism and the City of London is laid bare. To regulate Bank salaries and bonuses is about as Socialist as it gets, with central planning. Its not just banker's salaries, but every single item imaginable, including sweets, to be regulated by the new EUro-National Socialists.
At the moment it’s bankers – but the multi-million pound earnings of miners, pharmaceutical bosses and tech tycoons are in their sights.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's comments last year;
"We shall regulate every financial actor, every financial institution, every financial product.
In a Social Market Economy, the STATE IS THE GUARDIAN OF ORDER, and people should be able to rely on that"
The plans laid out by German bankers before and during WW2, to subjugate Europe via economics and economic warfare against Britain, have been followed to the letter by the EU.
Read the German plans (translated) for the European Economic Community, written in 1942, for yourself - Here

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