Thursday 13 December 2012

The Abolition Of Democracy

From the Telegraph;

PM David Cameron is in Europe for a meeting on EU banking, fiscal, and political union.

"Ahead of the summit, Mr Cameron was warned by the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee that the proposals could damage democracy and the EU's single market."

"The Prime Minister needs to be aware, as he discusses these matters that the debate has moved on from specific concerns about individual issues to fundamental questions which involve our democracy," said Bill Cash MP, the chairman of the committee.

The group of MPs urged Mr Cameron "to secure very robust language about the single market and the role of national parliaments".

Mr Cameron will spend today with other European leaders discussing a timetable to strip national parliaments in the eurozone of the right to set their own budgets.

The plans have been put forward because of concerns that elected MPs cannot be trusted to put the financial stability for the eurozone before promises on public spending to voters.

The proposals declare that "national parliaments are not in the best position" to ensure "the common interest of the union". They also suggest giving MEPs a role to police national public spending levels.

British MPs are concerned this will set a dangerous precedent under existing rules where all EU countries are obliged to submit their spending plans to Brussels.

"We are concerned at the implications about the primacy of the European Parliament," the scrutiny committee said. "

As we have mentioned before Here and Here, an anti-Democratic group is nesting in Europe, largely lead by Germany. Once people give up their democracy, they will not get it back.
Many German leaders believe democracy is inefficient, and that what is needed is a good bit of "provisional dictatorship".


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  1. As an economic immigrant in Germany...thank you Sir for your service.
    But I'm afraid that voices like yours are too far and few, it will be probably too late when the people of Europe will realize the horror that they put themselves in with the adoption of the Euro.

    And it's not a matter of CDU or SPD...I bet that even if the SPD wins at the next elections, nothing will change in the imperialistic attitude of the German elite.