Monday 31 December 2012

Merkel New Year!

In German Chancellor Angela Merkel's New Year speech (to be broadcast tonight), she openly gives away her rampant ideological fervour.

As we talk about in Economic Imperialism, Germany operates under a German-invented 'Social Market Economy', which combines Socialism and the lessons learned during National Socialism, to create a 'Third Way'. Social Market economists tend to have the same view of Capitalism and international finance as the Nazis did (they just don't talk publicly about Capitalism as a 'Jewish conspiracy' - though many of them still believe it is), and would like to crash free markets to remove Anglo-American influence.

The German's intended world order will be built on this form of Socialism, and signatories to the EU Lisbon Treaty already agreed to change their system to a Social Market economy. So that's already much of Europe ideologically changed - the fruits of which you are slowly seeing with the 'bailouts', social strife, rise in anti-semitism etc.

This German ideological system, much like Prussianism of the 1800s, believes the State is a godly manifestation to which citizens owe everything. One is not a free person, but a product of the State (hence, as one example, the obsession with controlling citizen's health with smoking etc; you do not own your own body, the State does, and therefore you do not have the right to harm the State's body. Consider from that perspective the war-like features of Prussianism - to do whatever the State tells you).

Merkel says in her New Year speech that she hopes (read "is making sure") there will be more controls next year on international financial markets - a popular issue in Germany that the SPD is planning to make a central plank of its 2013 election campaign.

"The world hasn't sufficiently learned the lessons of the devastating 2008 financial crisis," she said (is she going to 'teach' the world??).

"Never again can we allow irresponsibility like back then to happen. In a social market economy, the State is the guardian of order - and that is something people should be able to count on."

Well Merkel, there's one thing we can count on; you are a dangerous woman indeed.

Happy New Year Germany Watchers!

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